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The purpose of this system is to help media professionals when they create reports or write articles such as this Seattle Times piece or this one from KIRO7 about local Food & Beverage businesses and nonprofits continuing to feed the community in a time of crisis.  

Adding your open F&B business or nonprofit helps writers and editors to report more effectively and frequently by providing them current information quickly, easily, and freely.

Two types of information are collected through this process: 1. Business Status Information, and 2. Company Contact Information.  

Business Status Information is published, public, and freely available to share or embed on any website.  Business status can be updated anytime or removed.  

Company Contact Information (name, email, phone) is not published openly or made public.  Company contact information may be shared selectively with writers, reporters, editors, researchers or others, not for consideration or commercial purposes.

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For step-by-step instructions on updating business hours on Google, go to: 

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What can you do in the media, chambers of commerce, business coalitions, trade groups, and other community-building organizations?

      • Review full OiS reporting results for the geographic areas that interest you and your audience.
      • Embed OiS reports in an article, website, or story (example).  

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This reporting system covers Seattle and most of the larger cities in Washington state.  If you want to add a WA city or need a system like this for your state, then we can set it up for you at no cost.  It takes about 24 hours to get it up and running - simply reach out to us.  Stay safe, be well.  Contact us

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